Franco, 37, criticized what he described as the media’s “overfocusing” on his sexuality after he explored gay themes onscreen in Milk and Interior Leather Bar.Noting that his celebrity status alone created interest in “who I’m having sex with,” Franco said, “If your definition of gay and straight is who I sleep with, then I guess you could say I’m a gay cock tease. It’s where my allegiance lies, where my sensibilities lie, how I define myself.”

“I like to think that I’m gay in my art and straight in my life. Although, I’m also gay in my life up to the point of intercourse, and then you could say I’m straight,” he said. “I am a figure who can show the straight community that many of their definitions are outdated and boring. And I can also show the gay community that many of the things about themselves that they are giving up to join the straight community are actually valuable and beautiful.”