David BowieThe music world lost one of its biggest and most talented performers, David Bowie died after a 18 month battle with cancer. David Bowie was the first (yes first, not second, third or any number after) that brought a stage presence and character like persona like no other before him. This is the man that inspired so many others.

His first hit was in 1969 with Space Oddity and he rose to fame with a wide arrange of alter egos. This is a man who gender blended and wasn’t afraid to wear wigs, make-up, feminine clothes, spacesuits, high heals, you name it he wore and launched an entire new level of stage presents. By most standards and opinions there would be no Lady Gaga, Madonna, Pete Burns, Boy George, Lenny Kravitz and more.

While Bowie’s personal life and orientation were subject to much public curiosity, hisperformance of gender was the most consequential part of his art and his legacy. And, perhaps ironically, that performance helped inspire very real social change for young queer and gender nonconforming people.