In July 2012 the FDA approved Truvada for for the prevention on HIV (PrEP). It was hailed by the CDC and many activist as a prevention revolution. The CDC recommended that 500,000 gay men take the drug which it recently raised that number to 1.2 million. Gilead Sciences the maker of Truvada claims they have spent millions funding community groups to promote the drug and more money enticing doctors to prescribe the drug.

There have been thousands of articles written on PrEP. Two and a half years later according to the CDC only 21,000 people are on the drug in the United States. Any objective has to conclude that most do not want to take the drug and doctors are no longer big on recommending the drug.

The failure of PrEP to catch on isn’t the biggest problem. The big problem is that the CDC has abandoned other programs on prevention and funding for those. There has been a explosion of other STD’s and HIV. According to a recent survey only 30% of those that are HIV positive have the virus under control which makes future increase rates very likely. Contact your doctor and further discuss the options you may have and always remember to use condoms to prevent both HIV and STD’s.