The news of Wal-Mart coming to the already so busy location on Oakland Park Blvd in both cities of Oakland Park & Wilton Manors has area residents up in arms. It’s already old news that K-mart just pretty much has tossed in the towel nationwide along with Sears (you remember when some time ago that these two losers thought that merging together would create a winner, not even close. Things only got worse as did customer service and about everything else).

There seems to be big time disorder at all levels. The two cities don’t have a clue or a proper plan to plan on proper traffic flow and entry points for Wal-Mart nor does the company really have a clear direction. Did we mention the irate home owners that will back up to this monstrosity. The consensus is that homes neighboring the store will not see this as a plus or added value. Yes those newer Glenn Wright home buyers that will be across the street have to be annoid of the thought of jam packed Super Wal-Mart just within steps of their expensive (or should we say was expensive homes).

What are any ones thoughts, is this Wal-Mart have anything worth wanting in this location? Feel free to chime in and leave a comment.