It’s a good day in the United States today with todays ruling on Marriage Equality. This historical day makes us a better and more cohesive nation. There is one huge blemish of embarrassment and disgust however: the National Organization for Marriage and its sad pathetic leader Brian Brown.

The consensus has been clear and swift with the gaining of popularity and percentage of Americans supporting marriage equality. There is still the problem with that last sentence as it should have never have had to have support of the majority support of any voter.

The clear and obvious point is that Brian Brown is a genuine loser and has no soul or true to value as a human being. While Brian Brown always stayed on track with the same false talking points and hateful lies about the LGBT community.

There’s always going to be those on the wrong side of history. The ones on the wrong side of history will feature Brian Brown and his disgusting partner in slime Maggie Gallagher in the history books. This man is the father of seven children and its far to early to know if any of those children will be gay ( but research shows the chances are very high for Brian Brown to have a gay son or daughter). Lets just hope that if and when Mr. Brown may have the realization of having a gay child that he has a sincere  change of heart.

Plus Brian Brown looks like such a closet case Bear and one that would suck dick at a rest stop bathroom. Its always those that scream loudest about gays that are doing those disgusting things behind closed doors and not openly out. This should not matter if Brian Brown is a closet case or if he has a gay child as they deserve to be treated with dignity – something he failed to acknowledge with his action and words.

Either way we wish Brian Brown and his wife and children a happy and prosperous life.