Pig or Maggie?She’s the poster child for Hate and Bad Taste and yet she remains in total denial, yes Maggie Gallagher is one sick fat bitch.  Is she the first pig to walk on two legs? This massive pile of shit had the audacity to write Anthony Kennedy of the United States Supreme Court a letter asking him to not vote for marriage equality. Maggie states her reasons as why same sex marriage is not equal to our straight counterparts.

Most of us in the LGBT community have probably heard of her if you have followed the marriage equality fight. Yes frumpy and dumpy Maggie has been associated with the National Organization for Marriage (really that’s the name they call themselves).

The tried and tired excuse of the same old talking points comes from NOM: that a child needs a mother and a father and that’s it. Do these dumb asses really think that its a homosexuals fault that there are so many children born to either one parent or as if we are prying the children out of their hands. This group of wackos just don’t give a shit if their denying other people a right.

This sick bitch calls Brian Brown (and we will get to him later in another blog) as well Tony Perkins, Rick Santorum (yes the man that wears the overly gay looking sweater vest) her buddies and partners in crime. The main problem with Maggie is none of the men in her life want a piece of her. Yes the thought of Maggie in any sexual pose is enough to make any man straight or gay want to hurl (that means throw up).

Then what’s worse is the thought that she has been paid to spew her hate and actually made a living on it just goes to show you that there are some even sadder people than her in this country. Oh well lets just hope that in later June we have SCOTUS will rule in favor of marriage equality once and for all.

This is a woman who had her son out of wedlock and claims to be married yet no one ever sees her with her husband (if she really is married could you blame a man not wanting to be seen with her-just look at her).

Maggie if you want us to start a fundraiser to have a custom built vibrator that will be big enough for pleasure please let us know as it will be your only chance of getting any action. Oh and one last thing Maggie, Go Fuck Yourself.