The latest attempt by a far right nut job is a petition to sign into legislation in California, the bill is called “Sodomite Suppressions Act” but it’s wording and more touted name has been “Shoot the Gays” bill. Yes the name you heard correctly and what’s worse is that all one needs to do get this on the California elections ballet is pay $200.00 and garner a very signatures.

With its message of execution of gays with bullets to the head. The attorney general of California Kamala Harris has said she’s trying to stop this from even making it to the ballot or any further. The mere fact that this type of bill and idea of actually not just harming a group or minority but with the goal of killing another citizen is beyond crazy.

This will as many other hateful bills will only ignite other copycat bills. With the 1970’s and Anita Bryant led the far right conservative agenda and it appears that things really have not changed. If you are a California citizen please make sure your write to both the attorney general and local congressman.