Well its just a matter of time before the SCOTUS will hear cases brought by several states and gay couples arguing their case for marriage equality. The good news is that a recent NBC News poll shows support now at a all time high and pretty much continuing the upward trend much to the dislike of the far right conservatives.

The following is from a recent article featured in the Huffington Post:

The poll shows that an all-time high 59 percent of American voters support same-sex marriage — nearly double the amount of voters who supported it in 2004. Support has also increased among conservative voters, with 35 percent now saying they back same-sex marriage, an increase of 9 percentage points from April 2013.

Fred Yang, a Democratic pollster who conducted the survey with Republican Bill McInturff, told the Wall Street Journal that support for gay marriage was increasing among voters faster than attitudes towards interracial marriage, now supported by 87 percent of Americans.

Despite the increase in support among conservatives, the poll found that it’s still unclear how a GOP candidate’s position on same-sex marriage would affect their chances with the electorate. Fifty percent of Republican primary voters said that they would view a candidate who supported gay marriage less favorably, while just 19 percent said that they would view the candidate more favorably.

The Supreme Court will hear the different states cases (Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, Louisiana and Texas) and announce their verdict in later June.