Well the latest news coming from the 11th Circuit Court looks like Marriage Equality is set for Florida this January 6th. This latest news is after the states not so bright nor accepting attorney general Pam Bondi (yes the one that has been married many times) has attempted to road block gay marriage here.

With a two page ruling the three -panel judge based in Atlanta turned down a request by Florida’s secretaries of health and management services of the clerk county of the court in the Panhandle’s Washington County to extend the stay.

It is still a month away and it’s an easy guess that the far right plus the National Organization for Marriage will try and stop it. However for the most part it appears all options are pretty much out for this hateful bunch. With one of the largest gay populations in the US it will be easy for such areas like Fort Lauderdale, Wilton Manors, Miami, Key West, and the Tampa Bay area to capitalize and profit from this. Let’s all keep are fingers crossed and look forward to Marriage Equality in Florida.