The one day designated for those that have been lost to AIDS those that are infected with HIV is today December 1st. For those that remember the dark days of the early 1980’s and that summer of 1981 where the first wave of gay men that developed a variety of health issues never seen before. With what otherwise would have been young, healthy and vibrant men all of sudden experiencing horrible and unheard symptoms  breaking down their bodies.

Well fast forward to December 2014 and yes there have been amazing advances in keeping this virus at bay and controlled for the most part. With this said there are still people getting ill and yes dying. Take this day and remember those have passed, those that are alive with HIV and offer support and love. But even more so if you have not been tested, get tested. If you are negative make sure that you continue and make every effort to stay that way. Last but not least talk about HIV with any one you may be dating and learn more about this disease.

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