What’s brutally wrong with this picture Charles Manson can get married but Gay Floridians can not. Yes the 1960’s psychopath cult leader can legally “walk the isle and tie the knot” but yet there are still states in the southeastern and Midwest United States that can not.

We have an attorney general who has spread her legs and has been married multiple times for many different men but for gay Floridians as she says “would ruin marriage”. Sorry Pam Bondi but you are the poster child whore for degrading marriage.  If the other side  have low life’s like Pam Bondi who is setting the example for what a good and loving marriage should be then their case is lost immediately and with no questions asked.

It appears also that the leaders in Michigan have dissolved the 300+ marriages that took place there over one day. The same story there that many against LGBT having the legal right to wed are pretty much guilty of adultery and have had a second or third marriage. Lets just hope as recently reported news that Michigan’s  attorney general attempt to deny its 300 marriages does fast track this to the Supreme Court.