The latest marriage equality case fell flat as the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals failed to allow same sex marriage based on all of the states within jurisdiction. All of the states within the Six Circuit (Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee) had judges overturn all of those states gay marriage bans.

Now onto the state of Florida and the ever so stubborn and three time married (and twice and soon to be three time divorced) attorney general Pam Bondi continues to allow marriage equality. She has stated that this will be overall decided by SCOTUS and that’s where the decision will come from. Even after multiple lower courts within the state of Florida have overturned the marriage bans and at recent polling has support at around 54% in favor of marriage equality in Florida.

It is widely thought that this will now pressure the SCOTUS to have to take on the case.  The logic is that this January the court will decide whether next Junes cases will involve Marriage Equality. So until the Supreme Court once and for all decides it appears that the southeastern and Midwest region of the United States will have to wait for marriage equality.