photoSix months before summer is a great time to start getting into shape! During these months, as you shed the extra pounds and sculpt your body, you get to test how your body becomes more appealing week after week by hanging out at the clubs or showing off at someplace where shirts are optional – like the Cabanas Guesthouse and Spa.

But the problem lies in how? How will you get into the perfect shape you’ve always wanted? Sadly, some traditional gyms just don’t cut it anymore. But don’t worry because Oakland Park’s Intense Fitness might just be the answer you’re looking for!

This private personal training establishment makes use of conventional and non-conventional exercise equipment to give you a workout like you’ve never experienced before. They offer a wide variety of workout plans which range from weight loss to toning and conditioning to injury prevention to improving athletic performance!

Khalifa “TK” Salmon, Co-Owner, says they offer one-on-one personal training which takes clients through several phases of training going through all levels of fitness from amateur to advanced levels. “We are not your run-of-the-mill gym,” says TK. “We utilize non-traditional equipment rather than machine weight commonly used in most gyms. Battle ropes, Olympic rings, trx and kettle balls, are just the tip of the iceberg. Clients can expect a high level of expertise and professionalism at Intense Fitness. We pride ourselves on our results and innovative style of training.”

Perhaps it’s about time you invest in your body through Intense Fitness! And who knows? In just a few short months, you might become the hottest commodity to have ever checked into places such as the Cabanas Guesthouse and Spa!

Intense Fitness is located on 1536 E Commercial Blvd, Oakland Park, FL 33334.