Let’s start the week with a bang in South Florida! Who says you need to dread the start of the week?

Monday: November 25, 2013

Doctor Who: Day of the Doctor

Nerdy yet widely popular, this television program is turning 50 – a huge milestone in its history – and it will be celebrating with a special entitled “The Day of the Doctor”. Come on, it’s not like you haven’t seen at least one episode on those nights you spent home alone. This special episode will air in more than 75 countries. Hopefully, you won’t have any computer problems on that day. Obviously, tech support will be preoccupied. Watch the special as it unfolds, 7PM at the Regal Cypress Creek Station 16, 6415 Andrews Ave, Fort Lauderdale, 33309.

Tuesday: November 26, 2013

The Book of Mormon

Finally making its way to South Florida, this critically-acclaimed musical, written by South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone, is sure to brighten up your week! This Broadway hit follows the missionary adventures of Elder Kevin Price and Elder Arnold Cunningham as they attempt to spread their religious zeal in Uganda. Satirizing both Mormon religion and traditional Broadway musicals, it’s best to attend this musical while keeping an open mind. It will start its run on Tuesday, 8PM at the Broward Center for the Performing Arts, 201 SW 5th Ave, Fort Lauderdale.

Wednesday: November 27, 2013

Wilton Drive

Wednesday nights are already known as hump nights but with Thanksgiving just 24 hours away, it’s a little different. This is one of the most active party nights of the year. Take full advantage by stopping at the multitudes of watering holes on The Drive. Afterwards, you could spend the rest of the following day nursing your hangover with turkey legs and football games. Located at Wilton Drive, Wilton Manors, 33305.


This article is based on an article which originally appeared on the Florida Agenda.