+-300x210Jason Collins, who came out as a gay man last April after playing 12 seasons for the NBA. He will be the recipient of one of the first Vanguard Awards at the L.A. Gay and Lesbian Center’s 42nd Anniversary Gala on November 2.

People see this as a good choice as Collins is truly a pioneer after he showed courage in coming out the way he did with a cover story in Sports Illustrated.

But it would be even more inspiring and better for the 34-year old athlete to get picked up by a team like he had in the previous seasons. Right now, Collins is a free agent.

Other recipients of the first Vanguard Awards include Netflix and Xiaogang Wei, founder of China’s first AIDS Walks.

The L.A. Lesbian and Gay Center has done a lot of things in the past 40 years. It has served LGBT people with different services ranging from specialty care to cultural arts programs; from housing to homeless youth to hosting life-enriching programs for seniors. Visit the L.A. Lesbian and Gay Center website to learn more.