68th Annual Golden Globe Awards - ArrivalsHe may be one of the biggest stars on TV now and he can command an entire audience through his character Mitchell Pritchett but there was a time when Jesse Tyler Ferguson had to come out three times before the message got into his father’s head.

He had already come out to his father  twice when one day his father asked him if he has a girlfriend.

“He would, like, conveniently forget,” says the Modern Family star.

He also remembers the many times he needed to have the coming out conversation.

“He asked me if I had a girlfriend. I was like, ‘Dad, I’m gay. Do we really have to go back to this every time?”

Looking back, however, the actor says his father may have just been figuring out how to deal with his son who has just came out. The actor says, “He had this whole idea of what his son was going to be. He had to reconfigure his thinking. It’s a coming out process for them as well – to his friends and co-workers – to say ‘I have a gay son.”

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