With over 680 riders and thousands more cheering the Smart Ride has begun it’s journey and looks like it’s off to an amazing start and unbelievable fundraising so Far! Take a quick look and see where their at…

  • Top 10 Fundraisers

    1. Timothy Haymon $20,775
    2. Julie Slater $12,424
    3. Michael Dillon $12,300
    4. Ed Pascoe $11,785
    5. Michael Fowler $11,135
    6. Will Richardson $11,075
    7. Gabriel Hernandez $10,842
    8. Neal Harry Barton $10,610
    9. William Renaud $10,114
    10. Paul ORourke $9,820

  • Top 5 Teams

    1. SoBe SAFE Riders $94,926
    2. Pride Pack $70,288
    3. Friends of Rosies $68,148
    4. Lets Roll Bitches $60,076
    5. Live Free Be Strong $46,925


The ride is fully supported and designed to allow riders of all degrees of experience to participate. This is a ride not a race. Each participant pays an $85 registration fee and riders commit to raise a minimum of $1,250 in donations. Although that amount to fund raise may seem daunting, we are continually amazed by what we see participants accomplish. The average rider raises over $1,800.

100% of pledges raised by participants are guaranteed to go to direct services and participants maintain a degree of control over the distribution of 50% of their pledges to the benefiting agencies.

Our participants come from across the State of Florida from as far south as Key West, as far North as Jacksonville, from Tampa to Palm Beach. Nationally from as far as Hawaii to as close as our neighboring state of Georgia, not to mention Internationally. We attract between 400-500 participants with each event, but we touch thousands more on the road as we travel between cities and towns, and with each donation that is made. Last year, close to 10,000 people donated to our efforts – that’s quite an impact!

Riders and crew range in age from 18 to 73. They are involved because:

  • Some are Positive
  • Some have lost someone to HIV/AIDS
  • Some know someone living with HIV/AIDS
  • Everybody believes it is the right thing to do!

Our sponsors are Independent/Family Owned Businesses, Regional and National Companies. All believe that being involved is a life changing experience and want an opportunity to give back to the community. Sponsors donate cash, products, service and also put together riding teams. Thanks to them, we are able to produce a safe event and donate 100% of the pledges raised back to the community.

So whether you ride, crew, sponsor or donate, it takes all of us to make a difference in the fight against HIV/AIDS. Remember the famous quote by anthropologist Margaret Mead, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

So come join us on our 165 mile journey from Miami to Key West. It is a 2 day experience you will never forget!

Wish them all the best and a HUGE thanks for the riders and everyone else that made this happen!