On the ever so changing and expanding night life and restaurant seen on the drive we have some updates.

As you may have read here recently Village Pub Wilton Manors is open and well worth a visit. Yes fun crowds, friendly bartenders and a great new space. We also have the Infinity Lounge  adding a new vibe and distinct feel that was a welcome addition to the drive. Infinity Lounge is the perfect place and size for a more intimate cocktail.

Just down from the Village Pub in the former Simply Delish space is now the new Angel’s. Well the exterior  of Angel’s has a new coat of paint that went from fuchsia to a copper orange. From the interior so far it appears to be still in transition with the right side being closed off and most likely being redone. The left side of Angel’s looks pretty much the same as Simply Delish did so far.

There was 3 of us looking for lunch and 1 that was strictly with a vegan diet. We looked over the menu which appeared to the pretty familiar breakfast and lunch choices. Our vegetarian in the group inquired about if there was a “veggie burger” that they did not have. The Angel’s waiter was very friendly and recommended one of their salads but also said they would be willing to try and accommodate and make any of their other dishes to his liking. We will give the waiter high marks for friendliness and his effort.

As far as a “full review” of Angel’s we will get back to you in the next several days and will eat there (minus or vegetarian patron). If any of you have ate at the new Angel’s drop us an email or message and give us your opinion (or any of the other dining and nightlife options on the Drive!).