Well it seems that fall is here and that means South Florida’s peek tourist season is not far behind. Yes as the temperature drops up north we get spoiled here and our blessed with sun & fun and have some new nightlife options! 

You name it Wilton Drive will have it: places to dine, shop, people watch, workout and grab a drink from all types of bars. The newest bar of the drive is Infinity Lounge. This new lounge is cool, chic, quaint and captures a nitch that really was not on the drive before. With it’s cute and intimate size along with a slightly better dressed crowd (no offense to the other clubs) Infinity Lounge looks like it has met it’s goal.

And what looks like one of the bigger and more anticipated bar openings will be the upcoming Village Pub WM. There have been quite a bit of rumors in regards to exactly what type of bar it will be and the opening date—we will get back to you all on this once we can confirm this. One of our earlier blogs on our sister site (Wilton Drive On Line) rushed to print some material and have just  been told some of the information in the  blog was incorrect. Wilton Drive On Line will have a follow up article and correction on the August 31st blog soon.

No matter how you look at it Wilton Drive is alive and well. So get out and support the many businesses and clubs on the drive.