Last month we had a list of the USA’s under rated gay cities. Yes were in a country that sometimes does not look beyond the “Gay Mecca’s” of New York, LA and San Francisco or South Florida.

To some extent our friendly northern neighbor does the very same with Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver being the big gay detestation’s there. Well with this list we thought to look beyond those three cities and try to expand and think outside of the box so to say.

So here they are ( and some listed will have only several gay bars…like we said try and think outside of the box and not by having 20 or 30 gay bars).

#1-Calgary, Alberta- Yes cowboys, high tech and yuppies can all live and thrive together. And boy do they thrive and wow has Calgary grown, and grown and grown it’s now well over 1 million and counting. This city has skyscraper after skyscraper go up one after another along with new residents that keep moving there (and yes gays make up a nice percent of these new residents). It pretty much has something for everyone and the amazing Rocky Mountains a close drive by.

#2-Quebec City, Quebec- Well being located fairly close to both Montreal and Toronto can’t be easy. However this is one city with loads of charm and even feels more European than Montreal. So if you want some “old world charm” and a friendly population and history this city shouldn’t be missed.

#3-Victoria, British Columbia-If your smart and take a couple days from your week or so vacation to Vancouver and also see Victoria you will not be disappointed. This city has breath taking views and a cute, busy and active downtown filled with shops and places to eat.

#4-Edmonton, Alberta- Yes we know you most likely have heard of the West Edmonton Mall and sure it’s worth seeing but there’s so much more to see. This capital city has some amazing museums and much like most of the bigger Canadian cities it too has a nice, clean and active downtown. Like it’s neighbor to the south Calgary the mountains are not far at all and should also be seen.

#5-Ottawa, Ontario- This is the Canada’s Capital city and of course there’s plenty of museums and buildings. Much like Quebec City, Ottawa lies very close to the two powerhouse cities of Montreal and Toronto and even with being the capital city and is over shadowed by both. It lies on the Ottawa river and is a city of many surprises. There’s the Alexandra bridge, National Gallery of Canada, Parliament Hill and much more plus a diverse population.

#6-Halifax,Nova Scotia- A coastal city rich in history and charm Halifax is city that is well worth a look. This city has played a more active war when Canada has been at war than most cities. The Welsford-Parker Monument is the oldest monument in Canada and dating back to 1860 is just one of many monuments in Halifax. The Spring Garden district is nice for shopping and dining. The arts seen is also alive and well and very under rated here.

Oh and did we mention the men of Canada tend to be handsome, fun and rugged??? Other honorable mentions: Saskatoon & Regina, Saskatchewan.