Yes it’s another disturbing thought but one that is likely-that the National Organization for Marriage’s Brian Brown is a closet case. A big, fat bigot but also a closet case.

When one screams and shouts so loudly against gays it always comes out at some point that deep down underneath  have been keeping a secret.Cut from the same cloth as other vocal and closeted gays like Larry Craig  and Ted Haggard it would appear that Brian Brown will get caught either toe-tapping in some public bathroom or buying meth from male escort.

It’s not hard to vision him at the Bear T-Dance at your local gay bar. Until he’s ready to come out however I’m sure that the local truck stops where he lives have some pretty frisky bathrooms. But it’s a shame that such hypocrites have to stand in the way for the rest of us when it comes to certain laws and protections.