Starring Frank Hvam, Casper Christensen, Marcuz Jess Petersen
Opens July 27

One of the biggest bellylaughs in this outrageous Danish comedy involves Frank (Hvam) showing his devotion to his girlfriend by giving her a pearl necklace—yes, that kind of pearl necklace. And yes, Klown is that kind of film, an unapologetically lewd, unbelievably crude and can’t-believe-they-went-there rude comedy. Forty-something friends Frank and Casper (Christensen) go on a ‘pussy hunt’ disguised as a canoe trip. However, Frank has kidnapped his pre-teen nephew Bo (Petersen) because he needs to prove he is “father” material. Frank’s wildly inappropriate behavior—such as pantsing young boys who tease Bo about his tiny penis, or getting stoned—is as wrongheaded as Casper’s efforts to have extramarital sex with teenage girls and kind strangers. Casper also finds himself in compromising positions with a randy male bus driver who possibly misreads Casper’s flirtations. Much of the film’s ribald humor stems from situations that look innocent—like flipping through someone’s cell phone photos—but boomerang horrendously and hilariously. Sometimes the jokes take a while to develop, but wait it out—they all have tremendous payoffs. Frank and Casper are ballsy performers, unafraid to get naked with young children or be caught with someone’s penis in their mouths. 4/5 stars —Gary M. Kramer