The Queen of Versailles is simply astonishing in every sense of the word. Jackie Siegel, the irrepressible title character of this compulsively watchable documentary, gives reality TV stars a real run for their money. And Jackie’s husband David, 30-plus-years her senior, desperately needs that money. With the 2008 financial crisis causing his timeshare empire to reach near-bankruptcy, the Siegels are defaulting on payments for their 90,000-square-feet(!) Orlando dream home—a mansion modeled after Versailles. This jaw-dropping spectacle of conspicuous consumption is shocking, depressing and still vastly entertaining. David’s ego is as big as his dream home, and Jackie’s inability to downsize—hell, even her breasts need reducing—is darkly comic. Her parenting skills are fascinating, and when she asks a car rental agent—perhaps without irony—the name of her driver, it is downright hilarious. The Queen of Versailles is less a cautionary tale about the perils of overspending—Jackie’s shopping spree at Walmart is alarming—and more of a satisfying riches-to-rags tale about the ‘1%’ joining the lower 99. The testimonies from nannies, drivers—even Jackie’s friends and former neighbors—resonate, making viewers greatly appreciate Jackie and David’s assets depreciating as their relationship deteriorates. —Gary M. Kramer

5 out of 5 stars/ Opens in theater’s July 20th