Hey girl hey!  All you singles out there in Wilton Manors land better smack on some glitter because it’s time to meet some singles! Leave it to Wilton Manors to turn dating into a speed sport.

“Relay Dating” is an exciting, quick and non-pressure way to meet other single men that will take place on June 20.  This is how the event will work:

Men will register for the event.  Persons will them meet each other for 2 minutes and move on to the  next.  Everyone is given a scorecard to keep track of the men that they meet, and decide if they would like to get to know that person further.  After the brief period of getting acquainted, they will secretly check “yes” or “no” on their scorecard, thus indicating whether or not they would be interested in seeing that person again.

Every participant continues moving from seat to seat until all the “potential” dates have met each other. At the end of the process, each individual turns in their scorecard to the registration desk and everyone has a chance to mingle further, at the bar.

No one will know who they were selected by on the night of the event, but everyone will be notified, within two days, by email, if they have a “match”. The email will include the name, email address and photo of your mutual “matches”.

Ummm, love this!  Click here to get your tickets and find out all the details for what is being called, Relay Dating at the Manor.