Well the excitement and celebration didn’t last long in Washington state. With the governors signature and support for the law it didn’t take long for the opponents to seek to over turn it. It is scheduled to begin June 7,2012 unless the issue is forced to a November 7th,2012 voter referedum.

And to no ones suprise the National Organization for Marriage is trying to gather the needed signatures to force the vote. Polling in the state has seen steady growth and support just passing the 55% range (still a nail biter no matter how you look at it).

In a new and intresting twist Seattle native Paul Thomasson who is gay has a bold new initiative to counter act the opposition. Thomasson is taking advantage of a Supreme Court ruling that allows the identities of petition signers to be released to the public. He has set out to email and notify 2,000 people who previously voted against gay marriage. By all acounts the email is not threatening and he’s trying a gentle tatic that is from the heart to change their minds.