It seems like Weight Watchers and Charles Barkley are both feeling a little adventurous lately. We first got to see a stunning new, slim downed and toned Jennifer Hudson in her new inspiring Weight Watcher ads. Then last month Sir Charles Barkley took a leap of faith and tried out his comedy skills and hosted Saturday Night Live and at the same time became a spokesman for Weight Watchers.

Not wanting to be out done by Jennifer Hudson we now have Charles Barkley in drag in his latest Weight Watcher ads. Yes,you heard that correctly the former bad boy of the NBA (and were not talking about Dennis Rodman, however we heard he could use the money) and Charles is not letting his 6’ft 6in frame get in the way. The Weight Watcher campaign is called ‘Lose Like a Man’. So move over Rupaul and take note the world has a new big girl in town.