If your sweet tooth gets the best of you like mine does, then seeing a new business open like Go Nuts About Yogurt on Wilton Drive seems likes good bet. With its location at 2207 Wilton Drive in Wilton Manors it should generate interest.

Once you enter your instantly enticed by the “sweet toppings bars” that are the focal point and in front of the yogurt flavor assortment wall. The color of the walls and décor are soft and almost Willy Wonka meets Sesame Street, think fun and bright. There’s even a back “hang out” lounge that is suppose to get kind of festive later at night as bar hoppers stop in for treat.Nuts about yogurt

Next you’re most likely going to have to decide on a wide range of fruity to some curious flavors (pistachio to red velvet cake). Oh, and yes they have too many to list and something for everyone. I chose the red velvet cake which was suppose to be low in fat? Let’s just say after I loaded it down with several toppings I’m sure it wasn’t too healthy but isn’t that part of fun?

Finally after my visit I left curing my sweet tooth, at least for the moment. Would I go back? You might ask…most definitely. The service was good and helpful and it adds a nice change from the surrounding clubs and bars. So the next time you’re craving something sweet go ahead I say you only live once.

Score Ranking from 1-10 (10 being the best)

Décor=9        Cleanliness=9           Vibe=7       Service=8        Food=10       Price=6

You can reach them at (954)564-6887                                   http://http://www.nutsaboutyogurt.com/