A new book provides an insider’s look at America’s first gay serial killer: John Wayne Gacy.  Sam L. Amirante, Gacy’s lawyer who defended him in court in the early 1980’s calls him “a homophobic homosexual.”

Amirante and fellow attorney Danny Broderick are the authors of “John Wayne Gacy: Defending a Moster” a book that takes an inside look at one of the nation’s most interesting serial killers.

Gacy was a Chicago businessman and small time politician who admitted to killing 33 young men between 1972 and 1978.  Gacy said that he used to tease his wife about his bisexuality, dropping hints here and there, but when he went to his execution in 1994 refused to admit his true sexuality.

Amirante and Broderick believe that it was internalized homophobia and lack of self-acceptance that drove Gacy to kill.  Amirante added that homophobia contributed to the abundance of Gacy’s killings.  He continued to say that 1978 was a different time and boys that were assaulted by Gacy who survived were often ignored because they  were openly gay.  Their complaints were often dismissed or ignored.

One witness in the trial tried to please the Fifth Amendment hoping not to have to admit in open court that he had engaged in homosexual acts with Gacy.

Amirante says his ability to defend Gacy in court despite knowing the extent of his crimes was all in a day’s work.  Amirante knew Gacy before representing him and referred to him as “a likable guy.”  Gacy was actually Amirante’s first client in private practice and although he was invited to attend the execution, he did not attend.  “I didn’t want to see my client put to death,” Amirante said.

SOURCE: advocate