Halloween in gay Wilton Manors is a pretty big deal.  I mean, the amount of drag queens roaming the street goes up about 80% on the few days leading up to Halloween.  I kid, I kid.

In all seriousness, this year’s Halloween festivities will be a little different than we’re used to.  They’re calling it Manors Masquerade. According to Chris Cooper of the city of Wilton Manors’ Leisure Services Department, Wilton Drive will not be shut down for the Halloween festivities.  Actually, the Halloween festivities of this year aren’t really going to be on the Drive…they’ll be at Hagen Park behind City Hall.

Now, this shouldn’t really come as too much of a surprise to anyone who was following the drama that occurred after Stonewall.  Many businesses vocalized their concerns about the lack of business they were receiving due to the closed street.

Furthermore, there will not be any street booths which can also be attributed to the aforementioned complaints.