Ok, I know ya’ll out there in gay Wilton Manors and gay Fort Lauderdale love your dogs.  I feel like every time I look out of my office window I see one of you walking your dogs along Wilton Drive.  Listen, if I could I would but unfortunately I cannot.

Sometimes, I see dogs and owners that, oddly enough, resemble each other.  Kind of creepy, kind of cute.  Call it what you want, but now you we can all test my theory using a new website called Doggleganger. All you have to do is go to the site by clicking here and either upload a headshot or take a picture using your built-in computer camera.  From there, the software scans your face and matches you to a breed of dog with a percentage!

So cool.  Now when someone calls you a bitch, you can turn around and give them a breed. OKAYYYYY!