There is seriously an app for everything these days.  A controversy recently erupted over a new application for the iPhone that suggest gay people can be “cured,” and that gay children should be put through therapy to change their sexual orientation.

Apple is currently providing Exodus International, an organization that promotes “conversion therapy,” an outlet on iTunes for this clearly homophobic application.

Exodus believes that LGBT people should be confronted with “spiritual warfare,” and “freedom from homosexuality,” should be a goal among our society.

The worst part about the application is that Apple seems to be perpetuating this homophobia by giving the app a 4+ rating on iTunes and labeling the app as “non-offensive.”  Really, Apple?  When an application uses words such as “immoral,” and “satanic,” in reference to sexual orientation, many people would agree that this is highly offensive.

Truth Wins Out, a grassroots group, has stared a petition on, asking Apple to follow their own editorial standards and remove this application from iTunes.

The thought process behind the petition is that the more signatures that they deliver, the more likely Apple executives will be to pull the application.

This homophobic application came as a shock to many LGBT because Apple has always been a very strong ally to this community.    “Conversion therapy,” has been condemned by every major medical and scientific organization around the world including The American Psychological Association, American Medical Association, and American Counseling Association.  These establishments have even gone so far as to say that this type of therapy can do more harm to a person’s mental well being than good.

To add your signature to the petition click here.